It carries the warning'From mmogo

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It carries the warning'From mmogo

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It carries the warning'From now onwards we will go to attack them and tera gold they will not come to attack us.' Yets another threat: The latest ISIS poster shows a jihadi draped in a bullet belt walking down Oxford Street underneath this year's Christmas lightsISIS appears to be revving up their propaganda machine ahead of the holidays, producing a series of graphic posters threatening attacks in Europe and the United States.

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Share this article Share Previous posters show Santa Claus kneeling before an ISIS executioner on London's Regent Street, a jihadi with a bloody knife looking out over a Paris Christmas market, and Santa Claus standing next to a box of dynamite looking out over New York's Times Square.The first two images carried the message 'Soon on your holidays' in English, French, and German.

The latter had the words 'We meet at Christmas in New York... soon,' written across it in black on white. Chilling: Another poster shared on encrypted channels show Santa kneeling in front of a terrorist with London's Regent Street in the background Warning: The propaganda poster shows Santa Claus looking out over a crowd of shoppers with the words; 'we meet at Christmas in New York... soon'.
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