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A cricket helmet is an essential part of a batsman’s protective equipment. It protects the batsman’s head from the dangers of the cricket ball. Cricket helmets are also used by wicket keepers who are in the line of fire and can hit by the oncoming ball too. The issue that arises is that most cricketers do not wear a helmet during the match. This is extremely dangerous as the cricket ball is made of cork and quality leather. The speeds at which a fast bowler serves the ball make it potentially lethal to both the batsman and wicket keeper. The case of Philip Hughes is living testament to the dangers a cricket ball poses to the human body. Currently cricket helmets do not guarantee complete safety of the wearer. However Ty Montgomery Jersey , wearing a helmet still does provide a certain amount of protection and is better than wearing no helmet at all.

A cricket helmet protects the batsman from the powerful shots of a fast bowler. The helmet can also prevent possible concussions which can seriously affect an individual and possibly cause death. Cricket helmets are made of materials such titanium, carbon fiber and high density foam which are lightweight materials. Helmets made of these materials are lighter and do not affect the batsman’s play during the match. The shock absorbent nature of a helmet is able to absorb the impact of the cricket ball when it hits the player reducing the possibility of injury. Many players may feel vulnerable when facing a fast bowler during a match. Fast bowlers tend to bowl at high speeds which are potentially injurious and can get a player out. Many avoid making such shots since the risk of getting out is too high. When a player wears a helmet, they are able to face such deliveries as the risk of them getting injured has been greatly reduced. Cricket helmets have face guards which are also called grilles. This feature protects the batsman and wicket keepers face against the ball. The best part of the grille is that not only can it protect the player’s face but it does not hamper one’s vision during the match.
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