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Duse – the tame Giraffe:
Duse is an orphaned reticulated giraffe that is located in the vicinity of Kina Head quarters. A Kenya Wildlife Services warden pilot even though on aerial patrol area in the larger Isiolo district spotted the giraffe Shawn Lauvao Jersey , abandoned by her mother in 2004. The warden then directed a ground crew of rangers who rescued the calf and brought her to Kinna where she stayed with 2 ostrich chicks The now-tame Duse gave birth last August but her bad mothering instincts sadly led to the calf’s dying soon right after. She prefers to keep near the headquarters rather than mix with other wild animals and she is typically see feeding near by.

Pippa’s Grave:
The burial web site of the cheetah that was reared by Joy Adamson pull in a whole lot of site visitors to the south of the park, which they can mix with a tour of Adamson’s Fall and the rapids on Tana River, driving via countless numbers of acres of unending acacia.

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