e photos and a sentence, let us see

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e photos and a sentence, let us see

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Every stage of a person's life is important. As I approached this threshold of middle age, the junior high school class held in Hefei really pulled me back to my youth��the most beautiful time in my life. Twenty years ago, I stepped into the door of middle school, got rid of childishness, and started to face the road of life. "Actually, there is no way in the world, and there are more people going, and it will become a way." What does this world look like? What direction should we take? Newport 100S... I realized that life was discovered in the junior high school. "It's best to be a teenager in one's life and youth in a year." In the process of starting to understand and deeply understand the world, Li Dazhao said to us in "Time". Later, I also heard people say: Youth is a vigorous vitality, a hope that will not be annihilated, a brave never before, the most brilliant color in life ... I realized that youth is not a youth, but a youth State of mind. The human soul should be like a sea of ??vastness. Only by constantly accepting the hundred rivers of beauty, hope, joy, courage and strength, can youth stay forever and flourish. Confusion is one of the confusions a person encounters during adolescence. When there is no direction and goal, it is the teacher who preaches, teaches, and confuses us like young saplings, so that we grow up healthily. As the writer Gogol puts it Online Cigarettes, "You are happy because you have a future." Time is like a shuttle, and twenty years have passed. However, through the space-time tunnel, students will make us regain the innocence of the past. A greeting greets thoughts and concerns. That graduation book with black and whitCourselves in the past, let us think about today and the future ... The famous poet Xi Murong wrote "Youth": "All endings have been Well written, all the tears have set off, but suddenly I forgot how it started. On the ancient summer day that never returned Carton Of Cigarettes, no matter how I pursued it, the young you just passed by Yun Ying , And your smiling face is very shallow and pale, and gradually disappeared after the sunset, then opened the yellow title page, destiny bound it extremely poorly. With tears, I read and read again, but had to Admit it: Youth is a book that is too hasty. "This is a trend of thought that made us cry when we graduated 20 years ago. Remember the shortest and most beautiful time-even if she is a book that is too hasty, should we also taste it carefully; even if she is a tree without annual rings, should we let her never grow old .
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