poetic days slowly flow from the fing

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poetic days slowly flow from the fing

Beitragvon ylq » 11. Januar 2020, 08:29

Life is like four seasons, running on the field of time. The four seasons reincarnate quickly. The life is passing quickly. It seems to be condensed between the turns. Inadvertently, the color palette of the season has quietly brought out the color of autumn Cigarettes For Sale, making it impossible to catch. The days are like sand falling in the hands of colorful autumn colors! As soon as I turned around, the flowers thanked Cigarettes Online, the leaves turned yellow, the wind rose, the rain fell, the sky became cold, the hair turned white, and the people dispersed. So, in the fall of life, many people are pessimistic, What they saw was the fall of autumn leaves, the yellow grass, and the weeping of autumn bugs. What they felt was that the autumn was as cold as the water. When you do n��t feel about life, what life gives you is nothing but tasteless numbness. Raise your eyes, open your heart, look at the ripe fruits of autumn, lower your head slightly, and bend in the hot ��autumn tiger�� breath With the light breeze, it swayed slightly, exuding fruity fragrance. Isn't this exactly what people look like in middle age? Although his face turned into a mirror, the horns quietly climbed up the frost of the years, raised his tired eyes, and in front of him was the approaching wind and frost. The reincarnation of the sun and the moon, but the youth is no longer, the young and frivolous imprints have long been air-dried in the desert of time, the refreshing autumn wind blows into the open mind, facing the bumper harvest, calmly stepping into the autumn of life, to harvest mature and stable. The once glorious and vicissitudes of life, and the vicissitudes of the past, are annihilated behind this autumn curtain. In the mumbles of the years, watching the poetic days slowly flow from the fingers, and the whirlpools in my heart slowly experience the trance. The stream, quiet, clear, with a little coolness, with a little calmness, flowing calmly. The past prosperity and loss, in the light dance place, left a deep or shallow memory. Even if time has blurred the face, even if we have lost weight and prosperity in the past Newport Cigarettes, autumn has made us more calm, more indifferent, and more mature. Every season has its wonderfulness; Shaohua passes, and Qingqiu gradually comes. However, I am more and more obsessed with being in a peaceful state of life. I do not envy powerful people, do not want to prosper, I just want to keep my heart in simple days. Really enjoy all the simple little happiness, so beautiful
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