What Makes Aiguillette Unique?

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What Makes Aiguillette Unique?

Beitragvon petragems » 14. Mai 2018, 04:58

Aiguillette is a cod that has decorative tips or lace tags or metal tips. It has been popular as far back as 16th and 17th century and well known as purely or purposely as silk cord decorative fasteners with metal tips. As at then, those gold set designed with enameled or gemstones are commonly referred to as ‘point’ or ‘aiglets’ or ‘aglets’.

At the advent of modern era, aiguillette is now renowned as an ornamental laced cord designed with decorative metal tips placed on the uniforms. It can as well be used as part of the other costumes including the academic gown where it indicates an honor. This is to show that the use of aiguillette is taken from braiding used in fastening together the plate armor. In this case, a loop or knot arrangement was applied and at times could be hung from the shoulder. As aiguillette is very common among the armed forces, so also is epaulettes. The military officers who are serving in a particular positions for instance in Argentina do wore aiguillette on the right shoulder. Example of the military offices include the Ministry of Defense, aide-de-camp to the President, unit commanding officers, each of the chief of staff’s service and armed forces attaches to the Argentinian embassies abroad. Meanwhile, the Navy aides-de-camp to the senior officers usually put on golden aiguillettes on their left shoulder.

The aiguillette color could be silver, tan, olive green or silver which is based on the nature of the assignment.

Types of Aiguillette-Modern agletThis is derived from lace and used to fasten together the armor plates. This armor plate is the breast and back plates attached together on one side while short loops of cord serving as a hinge while on the other side is a longer and more ornate fixed to support the arm defenses.-Shoe lace tip-Decorative tips on bolo ties

What makes aiguillette so unique among the military identifications is that it is only used by the armed forces when compared to sash belt.
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