Artificial sand production line

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Artificial sand production line

Beitragvon kuangshanposui » 12. Juni 2019, 09:47

Artificial Feeding Conveying/Belt Conveyor production line is composed of feeder, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, conveyor, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machines and other equipment together formed a complete sand production line. Artificial sand production line equipment automation degree is high, the whole production process does not need to consume a lot of manpower and material resources, simple operation, time saving energy, low consumption, can easily realize the mass production of artificial sand.
Ultrafine Mill Grinding Ore Line suitable for water and electricity, highways, urban construction and other industry applications, product size can be combined and graded according to the different needs of users. Soft rock: As suspected limestone, clay conglomerate, shale, shale conglomerate, marl, mudstone. Hard Rock: such as granite, diorite, basalt, conglomerate, sandstone, limestone, argillaceous limestone, dolomite, gneiss, quartzite, marble, slate, etc.
Sand making machine is the key equipment in the sand prodution line,Stone from coarse crushing machine for preliminary broken, and then to the coarse material by belt conveyor to finely machine for further broken, finely after the stone into the vibrating sieve sieve to separate the two stones, meet the sand making machine feed particle size of sand mechanism sand pebbles into the system. Sand making machine price can not control by a single manufacturer, a number of the factors influencing sand making equipment price such as: the price of steel , the price of ore , building materials prices will affect the sand making machine quotation. Now, of course the price of the sand making machine is mainly mainly affected by steel, market dynamics and other reasons,Joint action by both supply and demand factors.
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