What is plastic?

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What is plastic?

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What is plastic?
Plastic products are made of plastics as the main raw materials, processed from the life and industry. Including plastics as raw materials for injection molding, plastic and other technology products. Plastics are a kind of plastic synthetic polymer materials.
It is combined with synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber to form three indispensable synthetic materials in daily life. Is the mainstream daily necessities material.
What are the advantages of plastic products?
Specifically, plastic is a material with natural or synthetic resin as the main component, adding various additives, under certain temperature and pressure conditions can be plasticized into a certain shape, at normal temperature to maintain the shape of the material.
1. Plastics have strong corrosion resistance, most of which do not react with acid or alkali.
2. Hard to break, low hardness, quality, light durability, etc.
3. Compared with other materials, the production cost of plastic products is lower.
4. Durable, waterproof, light weight, insulation
5. Strong plasticity, can meet the needs of a variety of people design.
6. Easy to produce, easy to operate, large scale and high speed production
How to choose a good plastic manufacturer to cooperate?
1. Look, it's working with people in those regions and countries.
If it is a small business, it is to supply the surrounding low-end market. There's no advantage. Strong companies will deal with countries all over the world. The company itself is recognized.
2. Look at the equipment and technology it produces.
When deciding to work with a plastics manufacturer, visit the manufacturer's production machine and workflow, if a manufacturer is still producing on a backward machine, That doesn't guarantee the quality of the product.
(3) Services:
Every excellent enterprise, their service must be very professional and excellent. If the manufacturer does not have a professional service process, the service experience is poor. There's no guarantee of our after-sales problems. Thus affecting the whole cooperation.
Here's the introduction to Airlen Technology, one of China's best plastic manufacturers.
Is specialized in the production and wholesale of all kinds of household appliances, kitchenware, travel products, home decorations, storage boxes, clothes hanger, etc. Products sold well in many countries and regions, such as: Australia, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and so on.
It is equipped with advanced facilities and experienced designers. With advanced equipment and production lines, mass production. New design, custom logo and packaging are acceptable.
Our mission is to continuously innovate to provide the best products for ultimate value. Airlen is committed to leveraging the best resources, processes, equipment and after-sales support to enable our customers to achieve this mission.
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