How to kill a match Maple story M Mesos

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How to kill a match Maple story M Mesos

Beitragvon mmogomlb » 13. Mai 2019, 01:46

How to kill a match Maple story M Mesos Step 1, Allow your player base to develop into a bot player foundation an have most your actaul individuals quit the first month from rng an robots galore, Step 2, Ban your now bot player base, Step 3, you finally have playing your sport, fantastic job. Ms2 is. I am sorry but, I could care less about gamers botting

in a dead game since it is pretty much dead , they're the participant base, I'd regrettably at this stage only continue doing what you're doing if it makes you happy but, all you are gonna do is make yourself look like an ass to an already elite / bot player base an either create them stop furthing the sport you enjoy playing death, or just out right make a massive bulk of the server dislike you. I am not carrying the botter's side nexon does not care enough to repair their match an done is put a sour taste in my mouth understanding a match has a great deal of potential an was destroyed so easily. ?

Im so thankful I use bots with AI route but just for veggies animals mining and blossoms since im lazy to do it my self ): but this greedy farm is not anything new and sad since it is MapleStory 2 dosnt have really good community least for EU server glad I never buy anything of marketplace because that is 90% constantly bot feed after that they purchase all the farmed gold back to get cash.Neverless it's fine work on this and it is kinda surprise for me to see someone actually doing something about it OR you may just be bored too xD still I'd love to see the response of the ppl after they return like WTF MAN!

While I've always hated botters at Maple, and hold no love for them in MS two Maplestory M Mesos for sale I could never agree with shaming them so hard due to the way Nexon works (at least Maple 1). As MS2, old habits die hard, if at all, for. And while they do often mess with the market, Nexon in Maple 1 does more than they perform. Do I need them? No, I don't. Do I expect them? Absolutely. While I stated earlier that I don't concur with shaming, I will subtext that with, (unless they begin to blatantly BS at a really sad manner like the 1 man"Oh so you recorded me clearly doing it manually")? .

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