Injection molding machine introduction knowledge

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Injection molding machine introduction knowledge

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Injection molding machine also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It has the advantages of accuracy, efficiency, stability and wide adaptability.
Injection molding machine has the characteristics of automatic production, simple operation and easy maintenance. Is a necessary machine for making plastic products.
Features of the injection molding machine: it has a one-off completion of complex shape, accurate size, dense texture of plastic products.
Working principle of injection molding machine: injection molding machine with screw thrust, with the force of high pressure will be put into the molten state of plastic injection into the closed cavity. Finally, solidify and finalize the plastic products.
Work flow of injection molding machine: locking film-ejector moving forward to the specified position-injection-cooling and keeping pressure-molding-ejector back-opening formwork-discharging material.
Injection molding machine can be divided into screw type and plunger type according to plasticizing mode
According to the injection device and film locking device can be divided into: vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine, angular injection machine
Characteristics of injection Molding Machine
The premolded structure is simplified and the shunt is not required, thus reducing the injection pressure
When the screw rod rotates, the material is turned over and the heat transfer is better.
Fast injection speed
It has wide adaptability to raw materials and can process thermosensitive resin.
As the injection molding machine integrates mechanical, electronic, electrical and hydraulic technologies, it has the universality and representativeness of comprehensive technology, and has a broad prospect for study and research. Injection molding machine operation technology, adjustment technology and maintenance technology is also a very practical technology.
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