the bubbles produced

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the bubbles produced

Beitragvon qizhen111 » 16. Mai 2018, 08:10

<p>How can we control the bubbles produced in insulating glass glue 1, to solve the hydrogen-containing silicone oil bubble control method: strict raw materials, can not be used to seal the dehydration of glass and plastic raw materials, especially raw materials doped with a trace of hydrogen-containing silicone oil and other hydrogen energy substances, Avoid large grill mats for composite decking air bubbles.</p> <p>The sealing glass glue has too fast curing reaction due to high ambient temperature, high humidity, or excessive addition of component B, resulting in the release of small molecules of by-products that can cause the release of the sealed glass glue to be discharged into bubbles formed in time. The solution to this problem is to: a. Control the ambient temperature and humidity of the production of wood plastic composite decking boards pastel insulating glass glue, and avoid construction under high temperature and rain.</p> <p> b, in strict accordance with the proportion provided by the sealed glass adhesive product specification to measure the ratio; c, from time to time to check the design diagram (such as glue pump, adjusting mechanism, mixing glue, glue gun, etc.), so as to ensure the mixing ratio column Correct. 3, found in the plastic machine leak and outdoor rail or stone floor covering lead to bubble glass bubble, a slight leak, you can screw through the screw pump processing, if the leak is particularly serious, you must replace the new beat pump or replace the worn Sealing pad.</p> <p>Bubbles caused by non-standard construction: Generally, this situation is related to excessively rapid rubber injection. Therefore, the bubbles must be filled with moderate pressure. The mixed sealant should be glued in one direction and squeezed. Should be continuous, uniform, glue gun movement speed to always ensure that the extrusion of glue in the front of the gun mouth sunburst fence panels prevail, that is, "push plastic" movement.</p>
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