Muze Hybrid Strings KONTAKT

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Muze Hybrid Strings KONTAKT

Beitragvon amiana20 » 26. März 2020, 03:25

Muze Hybrid Strings KONTAKT


Muze Hybrid Strings KONTAKT | 3.13 Gb

Clean & Processed Strings With Additional Synth Sounds. Main Interface: You Have A Total Of 2102 Source Sounds To Explore, Transform, Combine, And Create Your Own.

- Based on the sounds of the solo Cello recorded in a studio without reverb
- Articulations: Sustained, Staccato, Pizzicato, Sordino and Tremolo
- Additional sounds: pads, synths, processed strings and effects
An additional package of effects on the output: compressor, cabinet, saturation and limiter.
- Compressor controls: attack, ratio threshold and output level
- Cabinet controls: treble, bass and cabinet size, out level
- Saturation controls: saturation and output level
- Limiter controls: release level and master level
16 channel Mixer with wide possibilities for changing sound and fx settings on each sound source.
- Volume control, pan, mute & solo of each channel
- Four band equalizer with graphic indicator
- Send Effects levels: delay, phaser, algorithmic reverb, chorus
Instrument Send Effects: delay, chorus algorithmic reverb, phaser, gainer and flanger.
- Reverb controls: predelay, size (of the simulated room), colour, stereo and damping
- Delay controls: time, damping, pan feedback and gain
- Chorus control : depth, phase, speed and gain
- Phaser controls: depth, speed, phase feedback & gain
- Flanger control : speed, phase, depth feedback, color and gain
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