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offers strong science

Beitragvon qizhen111 » 7. Dezember 2017, 06:24

forestry construction offers strong science and technology to prop up further. Hope various labour union organizes courtyard of Chinese forest division to be chance with this,deck materials composite furniture strengthen labour union further construction, group round construction, due effect is produced in advancing production of forestry scientific research, forestry and forestry modernization.

Xie Zhi represents courtyard of Chinese forest division to divide leading Party group and worker of complete courtyard cadre, the help that offers China Lin Ke courtyard to reclaimed marine wood flooring federation of labor of federation of labor of central state office and mechanism of directly under of national forestry bureau and consideration express to be thanked heartily.

Xie Zhi points out, politics of fence laminate composite post man-made board room is strong, business is strong, enthusiasm is sufficient, style fact, promoted " Lin Ke spirit " , it is courtyard of Chinese forest division the delegate of group of numerous and outstanding scientific available wood panel sizes for exterior wall research. Xie Zhi asks, with " date of countrywide worker pioneer " for chance,
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