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air max 90 2016 homme You You

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Understanding Banner Advertising
Banner advertisements are usually found along the top of the website or along the right or left side; you can also find them in within the content of the website. The positioning of the banner in the website is one factor which will determine the cost of the ad. Another main factor which will influence cost is the websites traffic,air max noir homme.
There are certain terminology used with banner advertising,nike air max blanche, these are helpful to know when placing your ad;
CPM - Cost Per Thousand: A lot of the time you will be charged for your banner advertisement 'on a CPM basis' which means you will be charged per thousand impressions. A $3 CPM means you will be charged $3 for every thousand clicks your website receives from the publisher's website,nike air max cuir.
CPA - Cost Per Action: This is another method used to total the amount you will pay for your banner ad. An action can be a click or a conversion. If you have spent $50 and get 15 leads then your cost per conversion is $3,air max rouge homme.33. If your cost per action is specified as a click and you spent $45 to get 200 clicks then your cost per action is $0,r max chaussure.225.
Publisher: The websites that accept banner advertising.
Advertiser: You, the person placing the banner ad.
This information will assist you greatly when you are placing a banner advertisement. Remember to start small,air max thea homme. Don't pay too high and for the initial stages don't sign any lengthy contract until you have tested the conversion with the website you choose to place your banner ad on,air max 90 noir femme.
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Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, which is still our home town. We started our venture in the Network Marketing industry in November 2009 after deciding that staying at home with our young family is a privelidge in life that we dont want to miss. We are now discovering all the other benefits that come along with working from home and loving every minute of it!

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