]Camisola Bernardo Silva Mundial 2018

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]Camisola Bernardo Silva Mundial 2018

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In a survey conducted by news site sina on Saturday Camisola Anthony Lopes Mundial 2018 , 85.6 percent of 7,350 respondents said they were satisfied with Lippi as the new coach, while over 76 percent said it would be impossible for the Italian to take the team to the World Cup finals.

Wang Dazhao, a senior football commentator in China Camisola Bernardo Silva Mundial 2018 , told the Global Times that China is investing as much as top football countries in the sport; however, it takes more than a star coach to be successful.

Many Net users said that Lippi is too expensive as coach for the national football team and suggested the country use the money to build more football pitches for kids. Some even said Lippi has entered the twilight of his coaching career, and that they are not sure if he still has the stamina to fulfill the duties as coach of the Chinese national football team.
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