FIFA 17 Coins: FUT Champions us presented Squad Building Cha

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FIFA 17 Coins: FUT Champions us presented Squad Building Cha

Beitragvon upfifayl » 22. August 2016, 10:09

On the Gamescom 2016 Electronic Arts has presented all kinds of news for annually recurring football simulation Buy FIFA Coins. In addition to a fresh gameplay trailer for FIFA 17 coins there are first details about the new game modes FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges.

Under the recently at Gamescom 2016 aligned EA Play Events Publisher Electronic Arts has introduced two new game modes for the next season of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins: FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges.

FUT Champions
"FUT Champions is a new competition in which the player in Daily knockout tournaments earn game rewards and qualify for the Weekend League safe fifa 17 coins. In the Weekend League it is then necessary to win games to rise and earn bonuses. Each Weekend League performance counts, because winning streaks lead to the rise in the monthly leaderboard and allow the players to secure bonuses, "says the publisher.

"Who will reach the top of the leaderboards fut 17 coins, can participate in the EA Sports FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series fut 17 coins. It is part of a new competition platform in FIFA 17 Buy FIFA Coins, the start the fans at absolute top level and by a total of 1.3 million US-dollar prize fight ".

Squad Building Challenges
In Squad Building Challenges FIFA 17 Coins PS4"can put their management skills on console or in the FUT 17 Companion App demonstrate together FIFA Coins from players of their club teams based on certain conditions and to secure in-game bonuses for each Challenge by exchanging the team fans" , EA promises more.

For all players, and players who are not interested in FUT, EA has also published a brand new trailer for the popular football simulation safe fifa 17 coins. Hold on most ears, because the techno cover of Blur's Song 2 in the video is just awful.

FIFA 17 is currently being built at EA Vancouver and FIFA 17 Coins Android will appear on 29 September for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fifa coins. If you have a subscription to Origin or EA Access Access, you can football simulation from September 22 to likely to try for ten hours.
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Re: FIFA 17 Coins: FUT Champions us presented Squad Building

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