Lena wholesale halloween costumes Dunham Fronts an Un-Photos

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Lena wholesale halloween costumes Dunham Fronts an Un-Photos

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Despite wholesale halloween costumes being the producer, creator, and star of one of the most successful and acclaimed television shows of her generation, Lena Dunham’s legacy has quickly become one more focused on her online activism. Much of this has been tied to the issues of body positivity and the biased depictions of the female form in today’s media.

Her latest instance of combating these Halloween Costumes Outlet problems has come in the form of a lingerie campaign from New Zealand brand Lonely, which sees Dunham completely Photoshop-free.

Costarring her Girls castmate Jemima Kirke, the campaign features the two actresses engaged in an activity often depicted in the show: lounging around being fabulous in a Brooklyn bathroom. Lonely created the imagery as part of the brand’s Lonely Girls Project, one that aims to take the spotlight of objectification away from women and create a more participatory experience for its models.

Which means that these images of Dunham and Kirke are presented precisely as they were taken, without the aid of any photo retouching. Just earlier this year, Lena Dunham went through a very public controversy involving a disputed photo-retouching cover, and ever since she has vowed to never appear in a public campaign with Photoshop again. Her new campaign with Lonely seems a perfect way to uphold this vow.

For more about the Lonely Girls Project and to browse some of Lonely’s lingerie, be sure to visit the brand’s online store.

In related body-positivity news, check out this interview from model Winnie Harlow on her unorthodox modeling career.

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